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How to Know if a Notebook’s Paper is Fountain Pen Friendly

The glowing touchscreen of our tablets and smartphones can never match the feel and suppleness that the old fashioned pen and paper can give a writer. This is why there are many fountain pen enthusiasts all over the world today collecting any quality fountain pen of their preference. This hobby also brought about many people making a lot of reviews, criticisms, and reports online about the different brands, types, prices, and functions of a quality fountain pen. There are even many art supplier shops like the Stabilo art supplies and many more major brands that have dedicated a portion of their shop to showcase any expensive, luxurious and even cheap quality fountain pen that may spark the interest and fancy of many fountain pen enthusiasts all over the world.

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But have you ever heard of any fountain pen friendly notebooks enthusiasts out there? None really, right? This fact can be very surprising given the fact that fountain pen friendly notebooks are just as important as the pens themselves. There are, however, many brands like Rhodia notebooks and other brands that offer many variations of the said stationary. Any fountain pen enthusiasts that have been into this collecting hobby for a while now will have already noticed that not all papers are created equal, especially once a fountain pen nib grazes thru the paper. The performance of a fountain pen, no matter the price and brand, will almost always rely on the texture of the paper or material it writes on. Some fountain pens write and glide spectacularly on some kind of paper, but it performs less than desirable on other types of stationary. More details at Notedian.

So, how exactly does one determine what kind of paper is mostly fountain pen friendly? The paper that will maximize the beauty of the penmanship of the fountain pen that will showcase its performance best?

This question is the same as asking what kind of shoes are you most comfortable wearing. Everyone has preferences in shoe style and writing. Everyone has a unique way of doing things. This is very much true when it comes to choosing the fountain pen paper to write on. Here is a list of characteristics to help determine whether the paper you purchased is fountain pen friendly:

1) If the fountain pen ink doesn’t bleed through the paper, whether excessively or mildly, then it is a good type of paper.

2) If the fountain pen ink is not exaggeratedly noticeable from the back side of the paper or page, then it is of a good quality.

3) Feathering is the manner of how the fountain pen ink is spreading once it hits the paper. If the fountain pen ink has only minimal observable feathering once you write on the paper, it means that it is of a good quality.

4) Have you ever experienced ink smudges while writing? This is mostly not the fault of the ink contrary to the popular belief, rather it is the fault of the paper quality. Especially if you are left handed, you can check whether the fountain pen notebook you are going to purchase is of a good quality by checking if it smudges a lot while you write.