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8 Best Ideas for a Gen. Z Girl’s 16th Birthday

Girls at this age still have two birthday parties well before 18th. Thus, take note: this party must be halfway between structure and spontaneity. Do not be dependent too much on plans. You can put twists, no matter if you contact an event space hire or just party at home.

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So, here are several themes you can take as inspirations:

Dystopian Dream

Does she love The Handmaid’s Tale, Battle Royale, or Hunger Games? Oh, the activities you can visualize for this kind of social event—your girl/s will certainly lose breath—in a fun way. A quick Google search for Dystopian-themed celebration will give you suggestions concerning the right event space hire, clothing, games, and even background music.

Hogwarts Dinner

Is your little princess a Harry Potter freak? If yes, a Hogwarts Dinner theme will surely astound her. You can request the event space hire for a longer table. When it comes to the clothing, you and her cousins can dress up as the primary characters. At the same time, you can even enlist the services of an actor who can dress up as Voldemort. No person is too old or too young when it comes to Butter Beer.


If you have brilliant or geeky children, this theme is your arena. A quick Trivia quiz at your yard and nachos will enthuse them. But you can set your very own twist, naturally. Give amusing obstacles or punishments to the group who will get the lowest score.

End of the World

Does she love Mad Max Fury? TWD? Don’t worry. You can hire event space providers and decorate away! And you do not have to stress over getting designs. Remember, the party refers to enduring an Armageddon—all you need to have is innovation and used (but good-smelling) craters and pallets.

Marvel vs. DC

Superman or Captain America? Ironman or Batman? If you can’t decide, why not just call them all to the party? Challenge your child and her friends to appear as their most-liked superheroes or villains. The costumes don’t need to be spot on—there’s often space for hilarity (and comical blackmail-worthy pics).

Circus Madness

We’re here to enjoy life and do a show. For this get-together, you can call an event venue hire Brisbane has today and hire carnival entertainers. The program can, in fact, be a talent performance by her friends. Indulge in magical entertainment and beauty whilst you eat simultaneously.

Pop Divas

You know what’s exciting about this motif? This is your opportunity to witness four Britney’s and three Mariah’s fight for the “Best Diva” award. Also, certainly, a Pop Divas Cosplay party won’t be fun without any sing-along games as well as Karaoke.

TV Series

With hundreds of excellent TV series today, we’re pretty positive there are two-three TV shows young adults can’t help but binge-watch. With this concept, you can provide trivia questions or activities such as “Guess the line” or “True or False”.

Final Thoughts

What really matters is your daughter takes pleasure in her time. Meanwhile, are you looking for an event venue Brisbane wide? Head over to right now for sweet deals and cheap rates.